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This program was such a breakthrough experience. I had been struggling to gain my confidence and not fear certain movements after my wrist injury. Jan was such a pleasure to work with and his program gave me strength that I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend this to anymore who is having a hard time getting back into the gym after a wrist injury!

Carina Kazandjian

I found Jan online while googling wrist injury and TFCC tear. I am so happy we connected. Jan is extremely knowledgeable and understanding. He was very responsive and accessible and addressed my concerns and questions very quickly. He provided excellent exercise guidance and was very motivating and encouraging. I would recommend him to anybody suffering any kind of injury, not only wrist injury.

Patti Taveroff

Played my first competitive set of doubles today after a long year off after tearing my TFCC. Patience, determination and the WristWidget team has allowed me to get back on the golf course & tennis courts. Highly recommend them. Thank you!

David Moyer

Going into Phase 2 soon and feeling good so far. I recommend trying it!

Kyle Jones

It's working for me too! I did some real (not forearm) planks at yoga today for the first time!

Mackenzie Frantz

This plan has never flared me up so far. I seem to handle all the workouts and they feel good. This is an excellent program.

Shannon Syrstad

I have not felt wrist pain for at least a couple of weeks now!

Steven Campbell

I really like the program and I appreciate Jan's help

Susan Winder

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