The WristAbility story

Jan Scholtz is the WristAbility founder and coordinator. Having had his own experience with wrist pain from a TFCC tear, FCU and ECU tendinopathy, he understands the impact that these wrist injuries have on your ability to play sport, lift weights or have fun. 
"You will find enough information about what you can't do, but often it is best to focus on what you can do and how to get started."  - Jan Scholtz (WristAbility coach) 


He has a background in human movement science and physiology. He graduated from the Nelson Mandela University and qualified as a Biokineticist (clinical exercise specialist). He has a special interest in exercise and physical activity and the application thereof on various challenges. He is currently involved in ongoing research of ulnar sided wrist pain in collaboration with Wendy Medeiros.

He was a contributor with the research to define normative weight bearing tolerance of the wrist and has been a part of the WristWidget® family for many years under the mentorship of Wendy Medeiros OTR (CHT). 

Jan is passionate about ulnar sided wrist pain and believes that most people can improve their wrist pain if given the time and support to do so.