The BEST exercises for wrist pain

What is the best exercise(s) for wrist pain?

If you type that into an online search engine, you will find thousands of different answers, videos and explanations of what the best exercises are for wrist pain. With so many different 'best exercises' to choose from, how do you know which one really works?

Rephrasing the question

Instead of searching for the best exercise for wrist pain, you need to spend time assessing what the best exercises are for your wrist pain. Here are 4 tips to help you find the best exercises for your wrist pain:

  1. Is the exercise in question applicable to your goals? (although general activity itself helps with pain, don't forget about specificity)
  2. Is it possible modify this exercise to fit your level of tolerance to activity? (A pushup can be modified to a knee pushup or wall pushup)
  3. Would you enjoy doing this exercise? (If you hate doing this exercise, you're likely not going to commit to it)
  4. Do you have the necessary resources to perform this exercise? (time, equipment or space)
These 4 basic principles can help guide you through the exercise selection process. 

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